Joe Rogan Says If Michelle Obama Runs In 2024, She’ll Win

( It’s hard to imagine former President Donald Trump not winning the 2024 presidential election should he choose to run again, if only because of the horrible way that the Democrats have governed over the last year.

But during a recent episode of Joe Rogan’s show, the world-famous podcaster made a horrifying prediction – that the Democrats may call on former First Lady Michelle Obama to run for president…and that she could actually beat Trump if she does.

Michelle Obama has repeatedly insisted that she does not want to get involved in politics and wouldn’t run for president, but that hasn’t stopped her from being a face for the Democratic Party in both elections since her husband left office. She also made a number of false statements about the Republican Party, accusing Trump and others of racism, during the last election cycle.

Nonetheless, she remains popular with many Americans, and Rogan thinks she might be popular enough to win the election in 2024 – even if Joe Biden has destroyed the economy by the time the election comes.

“She’s great, she’s articulate, she’s intelligent, she’s the wife of the best president that we have had in our lifetime…she can win,” Rogan said.

The fact he says that Obama was the “best” president in our lifetime kind of proves that his judgment is a little off, but he still has a point. Michelle Obama is popular – and that’s just a fact.

Rogan also joked that Obama may team up with hugely unpopular Vice President Kamala Harris, giving them a “double dose of diversity.”

If that happened, might the fact that Kamala Harris is so deeply unpopular be enough to discourage people from voting for another Obama? Let’s hope so.

Rogan also predicted that a Republican “super team” could see President Donald Trump and Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis teaming up to win the next election.

“They have to make a super team. That’s the only way they can win,” he predicted.

Perhaps he’s right. Trump/DeSantis 2024 could prove incredibly popular…and could pave the way for a DeSantis run in 2028, too.

What do you think – could Michelle Obama beat former President Donald Trump?