Joe Rogan Is Polling Better Than Joe Biden

( President Joe Biden has had a tough time with the polls lately, but he probably wasn’t expecting to find that the American public prefers podcaster Joe Rogan to him.

And that’s exactly what the polls are now showing.

After the White House called on Spotify to restrict Joe Rogan’s freedom to share accurate information about COVID-19 on his podcast, a poll from Echelon Insights revealed how Joe Rogan has a better net approval rating than the president does.

The survey found that Rogan has a net approval rating of plus two, while President Joe Biden’s approval rating is…negative two. Which isn’t so much an “approval” rating as it is a “disapproval” rating.

Rogan’s net approval dropped among Democrats, however, sitting at negative 14. It means that the efforts by the left-wing media and the Democrats to smear Rogan as a far-right podcaster, or a purveyor of “misinformation,” have apparently worked. However, among Republicans or people who lean right, Rogan has a positive approval rating of plus 17.

It comes after Spotify was forced to release a statement on the Joe Rogan podcast, insisting that it will not censor the popular podcaster and that its continued hosting of the show does not mean they endorse everything said by every guest Rogan speaks to.

Singer Neil Young threatened to remove his music from the streaming platform last month, before realizing that he no longer owns the rights to his library and did not have the authority to. Young demanded that Rogan be removed from Spotify in return, but Spotify responded by removing his music from their library.

The White House soon stepped in and called on Spotify to do more to restrict Rogan’s reach, and stop the spread of what the government wants you to think is “misinformation.”

Again, no evidence was provided to show that Rogan has ever promoted “misinformation.”

The government just doesn’t want you to hear scientists who disagree with their public health officials.