Joe Rogan Deletes His Message After False Report Confirmed

( Mediaite got very upset this week when it found out that Joe Rogan, the best-known podcaster on the planet, shared and then unshared a fake tweet from CNN which claimed that actor Steven Seagal had been seen fighting alongside Russian troops.

The fake tweet showed a photoshopped image of Seagal fighting alongside Russian troops in Ukraine, in what appears to be Russian combat outfits. The image was made to look as though it was a screenshot from CNN’s Twitter account, and the tagline in the tweet read:

“Intelligence agencies around the world have spotted American actor Steven Seagal among Russian special forces positioned around the outskirts of Gostomel airfield near Kyiv captured by Russian airborne troops.”

Rogan initially shared the screenshot on his Instagram account, writing that the situation was so crazy that he wouldn’t be surprised if we were about to be invaded by aliens, too.

Mediaite, a website that routinely smears Republicans and conservatives, focused on the fact that Rogan shared the article rather than the fact that he deleted it as soon as he learned that the photograph was not real.

That’s the real story here, isn’t it? Instead of doubling down as many on the radical left might do, Rogan deleted the tweet because it was fake.

Not only that, but he even took to Instagram to explain why he deleted the post.

“I deleted my earlier post about Steven Seagal being in Ukraine because it was parody, which isn’t surprising, but honestly it wouldn’t be surprising if it was true either,” he said.

Rogan made a mistake…and then admitted it. So, why does Mediaite think this is a story? And why does this outlet think it will make him look bad?

In our books, this just means Rogan is a responsible and sensible person.