Joe Rogan Couldn’t Be Happier After Cancel Culture Comes For Him

( The outrage mob targeting podcaster Joe Rogan isn’t showing any signs of giving up. But it looks like their attacks are slipping off Rogan like rain on a duck’s back.

According to Summit News, InfoWars host Alex Jones got together with Rogan after his stand-up performance at the Vulcan Gas Company club in Austin, Texas the other day. And according to Jones, Rogan is “more positive than ever about his role in the fight against cancel culture.”

Jones said he had never seen Joe Rogan happier and he is “more focused and more energetic.”

That news is going to make the Outrage Mob furious. Nothing makes them angrier than someone not crumbling into a heap under the weight of their endless tantrum.

But the best defense against these crybabies is to live your life like they don’t matter and just keep doing what you do best. And that is exactly what Rogan is doing.

During Friday’s podcast, Rogan highlighted the recent Johns Hopkins University study that concluded the lockdowns during the COVID pandemic caused more harm than good.

A recent report from Grabien revealed that all three major networks along with MSNBC and CNN have ignored the Johns Hopkins study. So too have major print outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, Reuters, USA Today, Axios, and Politico.

But Joe Rogan goes where the establishment media fears to tread.

Unsurprisingly, after Rogan’s Friday podcast, Business Insider claimed Rogan discussing the Johns Hopkins study was another example of him promoting COVID misinformation.

If citing a documented study out of a reputable university is the media’s idea of spreading “COVID misinformation,” that pretty much tells you all you need to know about this coordinated campaign to drive Rogan off the air.

According to Summit News, Joe Rogan also defended his decision to apologize for the controversy over his use of the N-word, explaining that he didn’t do it because of pressure from Spotify. Instead, it was his personal decision to address the issue honestly and with integrity.

Rogan told Alex Jones that by targeting him, the establishment is committing political and cultural suicide and when it comes to freedom of speech and independent thought, Rogan believes we are reaching a tipping point.