Joe Rogan Abruptly Dropped From Spotify In Mysterious Act

( The Joe Rogan podcast is still very much on Spotify. The streaming platform’s CEO has defended Rogan in the wake of far-left Cancel Culture campaigns to get him removed from the platform, whether over accusations of “racism” or pushing “misinformation” about COVID…but some savvy viewers have noticed that the podcast does keep temporarily disappearing from the platform.

In late February, Spotify users began noticing that not only had many episodes of the show completely disappeared, but that the podcast kept disappearing from the Spotify app for random periods of time.

On February 21, Spotify users found that they couldn’t find the show at all on the Android app, the iOS app, or even on the Spotify website.

It sparked discussion online about the possibility of Spotify wiping the show and giving into the anti-Rogan campaigns, but as quickly as the podcast disappeared…it randomly reappeared. And without any explanation from Spotify at all.

The Joe Rogan Experience started as a YouTube show, in which comedian Joe Rogan would speak to interesting people from a range of different backgrounds and industries. Some conversations last as long as four hours, and each episode got millions upon millions of viewers. It was bought by Spotify in a $200 million deal in 2020, moving all of Rogan’s new shows to the streaming platform.

It meant that Spotify had to upgrade its apps, adding a video function so people could watch as well as listen. It has remained just as popular ever since, but Rogan’s decision to invite doctors and esteemed medical professionals onto his show to explain why COVID-19 lockdowns didn’t work and that the vaccine isn’t as effective as first believed prompted left-wing activists to pressure the company to remove him.

Even the Biden White House called on Spotify to censor Joe Rogan. Yes, really.

So, while the podcast is still live, the fact that it keeps disappearing is strange. February 21 wasn’t the first time, either. It happened on February 18, too.

The first time, Spotify blamed “technical issues.” However, we still haven’t heard what happened the second time.

Who knows why?