Joe Biden Voters Turn Against Him As Riots Erupt

( Portland, Oregon, endured fresh left-wing protests on Saturday, with violence erupting in the city late last Saturday after President Joe Biden’s administration opened new migrant detention centers that Democrats previously called “concentration camps.”

Violent left-wing protesters still aren’t happy, even with President Donald Trump out of the White House.

KOIN-TV reported how violent protesters, believed to be connected to Antifa, marched through the Pearl District in Portland, vandalizing businesses and cars along the way. The local outlet reported how businesses were “coated with graffiti decrying police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

Windows were also smashed, with a Chipotle restaurant on Northwest Lovejoy Street suffering serious damage at 9:30 p.m. as customers dined inside.

An Urban Pantry, Umpqua Bank, and Starbucks were also damaged during the attack.

Andy Ngo, the Editor at Large at the Post Millennial, published disturbing footage of Antifa extremists using weapons, rocks, and batons.

“The same area was severely vandalized by Antifa back when Trump won election in 2016,” he said.

More footage showed left-wing extremists terrorizing diners at Chipotle.

Portland police officers were reportedly short on numbers as the violence got worse, owing to “several shootings” that also took place in other parts of the city. It meant that only two people were arrested during the riots, including one 17-year-old for interfering with a peace officer, and another for first-degree criminal mischief.

Everybody else who engaged in vandalism and violence appears to have gotten off without charges.

Protests like this were commonplace throughout the summer of 2020, with Portland’s various business districts hit with millions of dollars in damage. The city’s courthouse also became the target of Antifa, and suffered extreme damage from extremists who threw projectiles and explosives at the building for roughly 100 consecutive nights.

This isn’t domestic terrorism, but unrest in Washington, D.C. is?