Joe Biden Remarks Only Gets 2,200 Views

(JustPatriots)- If a presidential candidate was said to have received more than 80 million votes – substantially more than President Barack Obama – then you might be forgiven for assuming that the candidate might be able to draw a crowd when he gives a speech.

But that’s not what we’re seeing with President Joe Biden.

Reports revealed this week how Joe Biden struggled to read comments from a teleprompter in a speech that was live-streamed on YouTube, and that he only managed to attract 2,200 live viewers.

No, that’s not a typo. The President of the United States got little more than 2,000 people watching a live address, many of whom would have been members of the world’s media.

The video, titled “President Biden Delivers Remarks Outlining his Racial Equality Agenda and Signs Executive Actions” on YouTube, had gathered only 75,000 views two days after its release. It is significantly fewer than the hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of viewers that President Donald Trump would regularly gather on the White House YouTube page.

In the speech, President Biden revealed an extremist plan that would prioritize people of color for government aid and support. His goal of achieving “equity,” whereby everybody would theoretically achieve the same regardless of work or effort, flies in the face of the message of equality promoted by the last administration.

Under the Biden administration, the Democrats have made it clear that they would put race and gender at the center of their economic policy rather than traditional indicators like GDP.

As of January 28, the video on the White House account had almost 4,000 “dislikes” and roughly 1,000 “likes,” showing that many of these views weren’t even from people who support Biden or his agenda.

Is this what you would expect to see from the “most popular presidential candidate in history”?

When the Democrats talk about the “Big Lie” of election fraud and misconduct, which has been well documented in a number of evidentiary hearings, are they telling the truth?