Joe Biden Promises To Bring Even MORE Migrants Into U.S. Despite Border Crisis

( The White House is planning to bring in tens of thousands Afghans as part of their plan to offer refuge to those who worked with the US during the twenty year war. But unless every single American serviceman had his own personal Afghan interpreter, the number they plan to import is crazy high.

And given the frantic, disorganized way in which the US pulled out of Afghanistan, the chances that these Afghan refugees will be properly vetted before being released in the US seems highly unlikely.

On Monday the White House allocated an additional $500 million for relocating Afghan refugees in the US. And not just those Afghan allies with Special Immigrant Visas (SIV). Biden also plans to bring in any of the Afghan people fleeing the Taliban.

And it isn’t just the White House who supports flooding the US with unvetted “refugees.” Former President George W. Bush and many Republicans in Congress are also urging the administration to bring all those fleeing the Taliban here to the United States.

Problem is, the number of people fleeing far exceeds the tens of thousands of “interpreters” who worked with the US. But the Biden administration and idiot Republicans don’t care. They want these Afghan “refugees” relocated to the US, SIV or no SIV.

In his excuse-making address on Monday, Biden said that his administration would expand refugee access to include, not just those Afghans who worked with us during the war, but other “vulnerable” Afghans as well. In fact, getting Afghans out seems to be taking precedence over getting Americans out – something Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show Wednesday night.

In his opening, Tucker slammed the Biden Administration as well as Republican lawmakers for pushing to relocate untold numbers of unvetted Afghans into the US.

Americans are already under invasion from our unprotected southern border. And now we’re supposed to accept tens of thousands of unvetted Afghan refugees?

The fact is, we can’t even trust that those Afghans who worked with our forces can be trusted.

On Tuesday, Tucker had Afghanistan veteran and Pennsylvania Senate candidate Sean Parnell on to talk about bringing these Afghans who worked with US forces into the US. Parnell’s own experience with his platoon’s interpreter should serve as a warning: that even those who worked with us may still pose a threat to Americans.

Biden created a disaster when he bungled this Afghan pull-out. And as a result of that disaster, he is willing to unleash yet another disaster on the American people here at home.