Joe Biden Kissing Nancy Pelosi Not Considered “Close Contact” To COVID

( After a 2-year hiatus during the COVID pandemic, the annual DC Gridiron Dinner returned on April 2, only to become a COVID super-spreader event.

By Monday, 72 attendees had tested positive for COVID, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Attorney General Merrick Garland, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Congressman Adam Schiff, Congressman Joaquin Castro, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, Senator Susan Collins, President Biden’s sister Valerie, Vice President Harris’ communications director Jamal Simmons, and First Lady Jill Biden’s press secretary Michael LaRosa.

The Gridiron Dinner required all guests to be fully vaccinated and boosted.

Speaker Pelosi didn’t test positive for COVID until last Thursday. And in the days between the Gridiron Dinner and her positive COVID test, a maskless Nancy attended two events at the White House.

She was present during the disastrous event featuring Barack Obama last Tuesday. Then she was back at the White House again for a bill-signing ceremony on Wednesday. And on both occasions, the 82-year-old COVID-positive Pelosi hugged and kissed the 79-year-old Biden.

But according to the White House, Typhoid Nancy kissing the president does not constitute “close contact” as defined by the Centers for Disease Control.

During Thursday’s press briefing last week, press secretary Jen Psaki attempted to quell reporters’ concerns over President Biden being in such close proximity to Typhoid Nancy by explaining that contact has to last more than 15 minutes for it to be deemed “close contact.”

Now they tell us.

Think of all the people who were barred from giving their loved ones a final kiss goodbye before they died in the hospital. If only they had known they could have so long as their final goodbyes didn’t exceed 15 minutes.

Despite Psaki’s assurances, reporters weren’t placated. Throughout the briefing, reporters kept returning to the question of “close contact” while Psaki grew ever more frustrated.

By the time Fox News reporter Peter Doocy jumped in with his questions about it, Psaki had lost her patience completely. During their exchange, the exasperated sarcasm Jen Psaki is famous for was dripping from every word: