Joe Biden Chose To Fly To Washington D.C. On Private Plane Breaking Protocol

(JustPatriots)- For all the snark about President Donald Trump not being presidential and breaking too many rules, President Joe Biden reportedly broke protocol and flew to Washington, D.C. before his inauguration on a private plane.

CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny confirmed the news on January 19, the day before the inauguration.

“@JoeBiden will fly to Washington today on a private aircraft, yet another remarkable change in protocol on the event of his inauguration,” he said.

“No immediate word on why he wasn’t offered – or isn’t flying – on a US government plane, which is standard for a president-elect,” he added.

Maybe the government plane just wasn’t good enough for the “most popular presidential candidate in history”…

Biden arrived in Washington, D.C., surrounded by 25,000 troops and members of law enforcement, in what didn’t exactly look like the welcoming of a presidential candidate that got more votes than Barack Obama.

No Biden supporters were in attendance at his inauguration, and celebrities were given a chance to enjoy a private party and concert that voters were banned from attending.

The Biden camp still stands accused of engaging in all sorts of misconduct in the 2020 presidential election, with hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots counted in Pennsylvania without proper observation from Republican poll watchers. Some tens of thousands of illegal votes have also been logged by data analyst Matt Braynard.

In his first day in the White House, Joe Biden signed more than a dozen new executive orders, including one that legalized racial stereotyping.

Unity and healing, huh?