Joe Biden Cancels Trump’s Historic “Garden Of Heroes”

( Remember President Donald Trump’s incredible announcement during a Fourth of July rally in 2020 that a Garden of Heroes – which would feature hundreds of statues of American heroes – should be constructed to commemorate America’s great history and culture? Well, thanks to President Joe Biden, that garden will not be constructed and President Donald Trump will not be able to leave his mark on America with a tasteful tribute to America’s past.

That is, unless he is elected president again.

President Joe Biden, who signed more executive orders than any other president during his first day in office, signed a new executive order on Friday last week revoking two more Trump-era orders – one of which contained instructions for the Garden of Heroes project that was expected to be completed and unveiled on July 4, 2026.

How vindictive can you get?

Biden sandwiched the revocation of those plans with other orders revoking President Trump’s direction to federal agencies to review Section 230, a law that gives protection to social media companies as platforms and not publishers. President Trump and Republicans argue that because social media companies choose what content is available on their platforms, they are publishers and not platforms – but President Joe Biden and Democrats disagree because social media giants are on their side.

And they don’t tend to censor Democrats.

President Donald Trump’s announcement of the Garden of Heroes went down extremely well and came in response to months of left-wing and Democrat-incited violence. The plan was to bring Americans together with a celebration of our shared history, with statues of Americans from all backgrounds and ethnicities.

But Biden doesn’t want that to happen.