Joe Biden Calls Kamala Harris “President” During Speech

( You probably remember the time that Kamala Harris promised a “Harris administration, together with Joe Biden,” but did you ever expect President Joe Biden to admit that he is currently serving “President Harris?”

Okay, maybe some of you did, but the fact that those words finally came out of his mouth is definitely newsworthy.

In his latest slip of the tongue, President Joe Biden revealed that his vice president is the one really pulling the strings in the White House, and never even corrected it when he very visibly realized he just messed up.

During a live broadcast on Thursday in which he read from a teleprompter and discussed COVID-19 vaccinations, and which only 1,100 people tuned in to watch live on the official White House YouTube channel, Biden referred to his VP as the president.

“President Harris and I took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in Arizona not long ago,” Biden said, referencing a recent roadshow they both attended to promote their disastrous COVID-19 relief bill.

“One of the nurses on that tour injecting people giving vaccinations said that each shot was like administering a dose of hope,” he added.

As you can see in the video above, Biden seemed to recognize he’d made a mistake, but instead of stopping and losing his place on the teleprompter, he just carried on as if he didn’t say anything

Republicans have long speculated that Kamala Harris has a great deal of influence over President Joe Biden, and may even become president before the 2024 race owing to Biden’s rapidly declining cognitive health.

Ladbrokes, a British bookmaker, has already put Harris in the lead in the race to become the Democrats’ 2024 presidential candidate, and the favorite to become the next president of the United States with 22.2 percent probability to Biden’s 20 percent probability.

Former President Donald Trump was given a 14.3% probability of being elected the next president, making it an enticing bet for any British politicos who support the former president’s agenda.

Even if President Joe Biden makes it through a full first term as president, he will be 82 years old by the time he is due for re-election, making Harris an attractive option for Democrats who will almost certainly want to take the credit for electing the first female president.

But first, Harris needs to become likeable…or fine-tune the art of mass mail-in ballots, as the Democrats did in 2020.