Joe Biden “Bruise” Reported On His Head Was In Fact, A Sign Of His Faith

( The American corporate news media seems to get the majority of its stories from random nobodies making jokes on Twitter.

In the latest example, after several people unfamiliar with Ash Wednesday tweeted about the smudge on President Joe Biden’s forehead, asking if it was a bruise, Newsweek felt duty-bound to “report” it wasn’t a bruise on Joe Biden’s head; it was ashes.

Can you believe this?

Must have been a slow news week at Newsweek.

Yes, Joe Biden makes a grand public display of his being Roman Catholic. And every Ash Wednesday he can be seen sporting a gigantic smudge of ashes on his forehead as if that somehow will make up for the fact that he is virulently pro-abortion.

Joe’s outward display of Catholicism is a perfect example of what Jesus described as “white-washed tombs.”

As he was leaving the White House for Wisconsin on Ash Wednesday, a reporter with the Catholic network ETWN cornered the white-washed tomb over his continued support for abortion.

The president argued that he didn’t want to get into a debate about theology which seems like an odd thing to say while sporting a giant smudge of ashes on his forehead for Ash Wednesday:

Another reporter asked the President what he planned to give up for Lent. And, knowing how reporters swoon whenever he mentions ice cream, Joe said he would be giving up ice cream and other sweets for Lent.

If only he would give up blocking US energy production and supporting infanticide.