Joe Biden Attempts Fist Bump With World Leader And It Goes Terribly Wrong

( Joe Biden really should stop trying to look cool. At Monday’s NATO Summit, the 78-year-old, masked-covered Biden greeted Turkey’s President Erdogan with a silly fist-bump.

Given how his first foreign trip has gone thus far, doing a fist-bump with a dictator is probably not the most embarrassing thing to happen. But it certainly doesn’t help.

During a US/EU Summit on Tuesday, Joe Biden couldn’t keep track of what he was supposed to say – despite the fact that he was reading from his notes.

No wonder European leaders think they can steamroll America with this man in the White House.

And why does Joe keep saying he’s going to get in trouble? Who on earth is in charge here?

On his show “I’m Right” Monday night, host Jesse Kelly asked that very question. Leading off his segment, Kelly makes the undeniable point that it matters if the President looks like a “half-there old man:”

Biden isn’t projecting strength on the world stage; he is projecting American weakness. And America’s enemies can smell it like a shark smelling blood in water.

When the President of the United States freezes up for seven seconds in the middle of answering a reporter’s question, America’s enemies notice it.

During President Biden’s meeting with President Erdogan, inexplicably, the White House made the last-minute decision to exclude US reporters from the room. Instead, the reporters were forced to rely on Erdogan’s PR office for information of what was going on behind closed doors.

And while US reporters cooled their heels outside, Erdogan’s people were merrily posting photos of the meeting on Twitter.

After spending over an hour and a half waiting outside, US reporters were finally invited into the room only to hear President Biden tell them “We had a very good meeting.”

Several reporters shouted to the president that they couldn’t hear him, and the only thing Biden said in return was “Because I didn’t say anything.”

Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker tweeted her objections to being barred from the meeting, arguing that the purpose of Biden’s trip is “a big push on democracy v autocracy.” But by barring the US press, Biden wasn’t coming down on the side of democracy. Parker added that reporters have “gotten less access” to Biden than they did “under previous administrations.”

Given all of Biden’s very public blunders on this trip, is the lack of access really that surprising?