Joe Biden Asked To Use Executive Order On America’s Elections By Democrat Icon

( The son of Reverend Maritn Luther King Jr. made a disgraceful suggestion last week, arguing that President Joe Biden should use executive power to pass dangerous reforms to election laws that would make electoral fraud easier.

Martin Luther King III told Newsweek that the president should be “looking at” using the powers he has to “help ensure that people’s voting rights are protected, preserved and expanded.”

Expanded? What rights should be expanded, exactly? He didn’t explain that one.

The difficulty here is that what King is saying sounds good, but in practice could result in millions of illegal aliens in the United States voting in elections that they are not eligible to vote in. It might also present new chain of custody problems, whereby unmanned dropboxes are stolen or manipulated in some way.

The comments came from King after the “Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act” failed to pass in the Senate. Under the legislation, mail-in ballots would be legalized and recommended across the nation, election rules would have been federalized, and voter ID would have been banned. Democrats claimed that it was about making voting more accessible, but to date, not a single Democrat has presented evidence that non-white voters are treated any differently than white voters when it comes to voting.

Everyone has the same right to vote and everyone is expected to meet the same requirements to vote; you must be an American citizen, you must register to vote, and you must turn out to vote.

Given that President Joe Biden can’t even get his whole party behind the idea, why would using executive power be a positive thing for the nation?

Perhaps King has good intentions, but the idea is horrible.