Joe Biden Asked To Bypass Congress To Create Group Targeting Guns

( As is typically the case with Leftist activists, gun control groups are urging President Biden to pull a Barack Obama and bypass Congress entirely and create a White House office of “gun violence” in order to unilaterally “take action” on gun control.

Gun control groups had high hopes for the virulently anti-gun ATF nominee David Chipman. But now that his nomination is going nowhere in the Senate, they want the President to step in and bypass the Senate confirmation process entirely.

These gun-grabbers are miffed because President Biden isn’t keeping his campaign promise to disarm law abiding citizens. While they lauded the President for forcing through the unpopular “infrastructure” legislation and “Climate Change” agenda, they are irritated that he hasn’t done more disarm Americans.

Naturally these cranks cite the “threat of armed political extremism” as the reason that Biden can no longer drag his feet in undermining Americans’ civil rights.

What they’re demanding is that the President create a cabinet-level position that won’t require Senate confirmation.

Is there any part of the Constitution these cranks are willing to accept?

They also urged President Bungles Everything use his “bully pulpit” to demand Congress pass a ban on “assault” weapons, limit high-capacity magazines and expand background checks.

Exactly how much of a “bully pulpit” does this broken down, mumbling old crock have?

Have these anti-gun people never watched Joe Biden stumbled and mumble his way through a speech?

Perhaps if these guys told Biden that his new best friends the Taliban are going door-to-door rounding up everybody’s guns, he might be inspired to take the Taliban’s lead.

These clueless dopes believe that Biden’s failure to violate the Constitution might hurt voter turnout during the 2022 midterm elections. Of course if Biden does what they demand, it will absolutely embolden voters to turn out in 2022, but not in the way these anti-gun idiots think.

But notice what their concern is. They’re not concerned about “gun violence,” they’re concerned about voter turnout. Because at the end of the day, all of the Leftist organizations only care about one thing: perpetual power.