Job Openings Hit Record High In America As People Refuse To Work

( President Joe Biden is overseeing one of the worst economic recoveries in modern history – and that’s saying something, given just how badly he and former President Barack Obama handled the recovery from the 2008 crash. The Democrats’ total refusal to ease off the hugely costly unemployment benefits still being given to Americans who don’t yet want to go back to work has left businesses with a massive labor shortage, leading to a record number of jobs posted in June of this year.

Data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed on Monday showed news that the Democrats may attempt to paint as positive, but which really reveal the hugely damaging effect of encouraging people not to go back to work.

More than 10.1 million job openings were available on the last business day in June, with the previous month’s figure of 9.2 million being revised to 9.48 million.

Economists previously predicted a figure of 9.3 million.

Obviously the United States has enough people to fill the jobs, so why aren’t people taking them?

Thankfully, some people have decided to go to work, with the total number of hires increasing to 6.7 million. Furthermore, the “quits” rate – which is the percentage of people who decide to leave employment – increased to 2.7%. It means that Americans are so confident in leaving their jobs because they know they can find something better paid elsewhere.

Some 227,000 job openings came from professional and business services while a further 133,000 came from retail. Food services and accommodations also posted 121,000 openings.

When will President Joe Biden start encouraging people to go back to work and give businesses the employees they need to function?