Job Offers Are Flooding In For Tucker Carlson

After his sudden resignation from Fox News Channel, conservative news channels One America News Network (OAN) and Newsmax are considering employing media icon Tucker Carlson.

According to reports, after Carlson’s April 21st Fox News appearance, OAN released a statement claiming company officials are interested in meeting with him.

In a statement released on Monday, One America News announced that CEO Robert Herring had extended an offer to Carlson to negotiate joining the OAN team.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the CEO of the Newsmax TV network, Chris Ruddy, expressed interest in speaking with Carlson after the latter departed from Fox. The decision to fire Carlson, according to Ruddy, did not make sense given Carlson’s massive audience size.

Fox released a statement on Monday stating that they and Carlson had mutually decided to end the relationship and that they appreciated his time as a host on the network and as a contributor before that.

Reports show that Carlson did not hint that it was going to be his last program on Fox News during the last episode.

It is unknown what ultimately led to Carlson’s leave. In a 2020 interview, he stated that there was a constant barrage of attempts to kill his program.

Show hosts Brian Kilmeade, Sean Hannity, Jesse Watters, Maria Bartiromo, and  Laura Ingraham are among the names that have been floated as potential replacements for Carlson permanently.

After building a sizable and devoted audience of Conservatives at Fox, Carlson is expected to be in great demand in the coming weeks and months.   

Carlson’s friends and family said he was caught aback when he was told he was being fired from Fox News. Carlson will have time to weigh his choices before making his next professional move, as it was claimed in Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal that he would be paid out the balance of his contract of employment at Fox.  

Apart from an announcement thanking Carlson for his efforts and stating that his last program aired last week, Fox has made no other comments on his departure.