Jimmy Kimmel Goes On Swearing Rant Attacking Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel, the far-left “comedian” and late-night TV host, apparently doesn’t realize that calling somebody smart doesn’t mean you like them.

On Thursday night, Kimmel slammed former President Donald Trump for suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin is smart and that his decision to sign a decree recognizing two eastern regions in Ukraine as “independent.” When Putin declared Luhansk and Donetsk independent, he sent Russian troops into Ukraine under the guise of a “peacekeeping mission.”

Trump responded by calling the move “genius” and slamming President Joe Biden for his inability to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine.

To Kimmel, apparently, that’s an endorsement.

“You know, it’s hard to do a comedy show when there’s a war going on, but we are here while more than 6,000 miles away, women and children are fleeting Ukraine,” he said on Thursday.

“While Vladimir Putin is being condemned by leaders and ambassadors from every democratic country around the world, Donald Trump, our former president, was complimenting him and, of course, himself, while bombs were falling on a country that did nothing to provoke an invasion,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel was clearly referencing the president’s comments on Putin. Despite the fact that former President Donald Trump was tougher on Russia than his predecessors…and his successor…Kimmel seemed to be suggesting that Trump was dividing people on the issue.

How did he come to that conclusion?

Here’s the clip of Trump talking about Putin:

Did you come to the same conclusion as Kimmel? Or do you think that he’s just making these bizarre claims about Trump because it’s really easy to tell lies about him?