Jim Cramer Reluctantly Admits He Has COVID

(JustPatriots.com)- Monday morning, CNBC’s Jim Cramer announced on air that he tested positive for COVID-19.

Cramer, who is fully vaccinated and also received a booster shot, said he tested positive for COVID on Thursday while planning to attend an event that required COVID testing for entry. He said he stayed in isolation at home and was only experiencing mild symptoms.

The fully-vaccinated Cramer getting COVID is an example of Karma.

In late November, the bigmouth with bad stock predictions went on a rant about forcing every American to get the vaccine and deploying the US military to do it. He suggested those who refuse to get vaccinated be prepared to “prove your conscientious objector status in court.”

After announcing his COVID-positive test on air, Cramer tweeted that he decided to publicly announce it on the air to show people how quickly he recovered because he was vaccinated. He said if he hadn’t had three shots, he feared he would have gotten much sicker.

The media and White House-driven panic over the far milder Omicron has fomented such fear over the virus, in New York City on Christmas Eve, police had to be called as a crowd of panic-stricken people waiting for free home COVID tests grew unruly.

In Vermont, asymptomatic COVID-positive people are clogging emergency rooms. The dopes got a home COVID test, got a positive result, and despite not having any symptoms rushed to emergency rooms throughout the state.

But the panic is by design. The Biden administration has been using the milder Omicron variant’s rapid spread to scare people into getting vaccinated and receiving a booster shot.

And CNBC’s Jim Cramer is willing to do his part to help in the panic. During his appearance Monday morning, Cramer scoffed at the arrogance of “people who think they know what’s going on,” calling it “pathetic.” He said if he could get sick when he is triple vaccinated, imagine what would happen to someone who isn’t vaccinated.