Jim Acosta’s Career Collapsing In Total Freefall

(JustPatriots.com)- You know how they always say “be careful what you wish for”? Well, CNN reporter Jim Acosta probably should have taken that advice.

The left-wing “journalist,” according to a report from Fox News, could be the sole reason why last weekend’s episode of “CNN Newsroom” saw a massive ratings drop.

After only three weeks on the job as a news anchor, now that he has left the White House Press Briefing Room and no longer asks antagonistic and politically charged questions of President Trump, the ratings fell by a massive 41%.

It’s bad news for CNN, who can no longer rely on generating fake outrage about the former president to attract viewers.

Fox News reported how Saturday programs anchored by Jim Acosta averaged only 796,000 viewers since he took over the role on April 2. And during the first three months of the year, CNN has only averaged 1.141 million viewers on Saturday shows during the same time slot. It represents a massive 30% drop in viewership thanks to Jim Acosta getting behind the desk and taking his proselytizing to the masses.

Even CNN viewers don’t like him!

The ratings are also a result of the election season being over, and President Joe Biden being in office. CNN experienced a fairly brief bump in ratings at the beginning of the year, averaging 1.247 million viewers as they covered the transition from the Trump administration to the Biden administration. But now it’s all crashing down again.

And just to throw some more bad news in there for Jim Acosta, his ratings go down on a Sunday, when he also hosts “CNN Newsroom” to an audience of just 710,000 people. That signifies a 41% total drop in viewers from the average of 1.196 million across the entire network over the first three months of this year.

Jim Acosta famously butted heads with former President Donald Trump, making a name for himself by firing false accusations at the president and even peddling the Trump-Russia collusion story, which is a proven hoax.

Jim Acosta might soon find himself wishing President Trump was back in office.