Jim Acosta Claims He Has Mental Illness Over Trump

(JustPatriots.com)- Far-left “journalist” Jim Acosta, who made a name for himself asking dumb questions of former President Donald Trump, has now admitted to having a mental illness. During a discussion with Brian Stelter, the potato-shaped CNN anchor who pushed anti-Trump conspiracy theories including the “Russiagate” hoax, Acosta said that he was dealing with “some post-Trump stress disorder.”

If he thought Trump was stressful, then how is he dealing with President Biden’s shocking border crisis and plans to spend trillions of dollars and land future generations with gigantic tax burdens?

If you watch the clip above, you’ll see Acosta beginning to crack a joke, with Stelter laughing like a hyena without him even finishing the joke…or offering any indication or hint of what the “punchline” was going to be.

Why are these guys just so…odd?

Acosta added that CNN managed to report on the news “pretty well” before President Trump came along, and that they could still report on the news without him…but since Biden has entered the White House, the network has continued to focus its reporting on the former president.

Maybe it’s because CNN is only alive thanks to its obsession with the former president.

Acosta also seemed to express his discontent with the Biden administration and the upcoming infrastructure deal, which is expected to contain a series of woke measures completely unrelated to infrastructure, in the same vein as the so-called “COVID-19 relief” plan passed last month.

“As far as I’m concerned, can we just have a damn high-speed train in this country?” he said.

“I mean, can I please get to New York from Washington without problems on the Acela? And can I get on the Wifi by the way?” he added.

If Acosta is expecting an infrastructure deal from Biden, he might be disappointed. Instead, we could see yet more race-based distribution of government funds like the reparations offered in the COVID deal – the so-called “American Rescue Plan” – for non-white farmers.