Jim Acosta Brings Woman Who Claims Obama Party Is “Sophisticated” Despite Social Distancing Violations

(JustPatriots.com)- Imagine if former president Donald Trump held a birthday party with hundreds of celebrity guests during the COVID-19 pandemic. And then imagine what the New York Times and CNN would have to say about it if he promised to scale it back, only to still allow hundreds of people to attend the event anyway.

Compare that to the way the New York Times covered former President Barack Obama hosting his 60th birthday party at his multi-million-dollar estate on Martha’s Vineyard.

Annie Karni, a White House correspondent for the newspaper, appeared on CNN to discuss the party, which saw celebrities partying the night away in a non-socially-distanced crowd, and claimed that it wasn’t a super spreader event. She even said that it was a “low risk” party owing to the fact that it was made up of a “sophisticated, vaccinated” guest list.

She knows that the party is over and she won’t receive an invite for praising them, right?

If you can’t quite believe it, take a look at the clip below. That’s literally what comes out of her mouth, and Jim Acosta didn’t even think for a moment to disagree with her.

The New York Times and CNN have been two of the most vocal media outlets against people not following the COVID-19 pandemic rules – particularly the Republicans.

But if Obama does it, it’s fine?

Karni goes on to explain how the event was “overblown” as attendees were following safety precautions by being vaccinated.

However, with the Centers for Disease Control warning that vaccinated people are still spreading the virus and should continue to wear masks when in close proximity to other people, what excuse does Obama really have to just go ahead and host a lavish party with people who may have contributed to the recent rise in cases of COVID-19 in Martha’s Vineyard?

No, really, there was an increase in COVID cases right after his party. White Rabbit News revealed how out of 48 new cases in the area, 25 were already vaccinated.

Obama has some explaining to do…and so does the New York Times.