Jill Biden Tries To Coax Biden Into Saying “God bless America”

(JustPatriots.com)- As President Biden was wrapping up his appearance at the White House’s Fourth of July event, First Lady Jill Biden had to remind the senile old goat to say “God bless America.”

Of all the times to forget that phrase, it has to be on the day the country celebrates America’s independence.

Then again, are we sure Joe forgot?

Sure, Joe forgets a lot of things, but he knows the Democrat base isn’t particularly fond of either God or America. Maybe Joe left it out on purpose so as not to anger his godless, America-hating base.

This is the party that celebrated “F*ck the Fourth” rallies over the weekend. Maybe the omission was deliberate.

But Jill has to fill in the blanks for old Joe a lot, trying to correct him when he calls Kamala’s husband the First Gentleman, stuff like that. And usually, Joe either doesn’t hear or understand the cues Jill gives him, which may explain why, after she reminded him, Joe didn’t say “God bless America.” Instead, he opted to shove the microphone in Jill’s face and let her say “God bless America” for him:

Maybe next July 4, Jill should make sure the White House staff types up a cue card for her husband that includes “YOU end YOUR speech with ‘God bless America.’”