Jill Biden Goes To Hospital To Have Procedure Done On Her Foot

(JustPatriots.com)- First Lady Jill Biden underwent successful surgery last Thursday to remove debris from her foot after she sustained an injury while walking barefoot on the beach in Hawaii. However doctors are still not sure the cause of the puncture.

The first lady stepped on something while walking on the beach during an official event in Hawaii the previous weekend.

According to Michael LaRosa, Mrs. Biden’s press secretary, First Lady Biden was sent to Walter Reed where the puncture wound to her left foot was flushed out by medical staff, and the procedure was successful. President Biden joined the First Lady at Walter Reed and the two of them departed together for the White House afterward.

Mrs. Biden had been returning from Tokyo where she attended the opening ceremony for the Summer Olympics. On her trip back to the states, the First Lady made a pitstop in Hawaii to meet with military families. In addition to a barbecue at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Mrs. Biden also made a stop at a pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Waipahu.

In April, the White House reported that Mrs. Biden was recovering after she was taken for an unscheduled and unspecified medical procedure. The only thing the White House confirmed was that Mrs. Biden “tolerated the procedure well.”

Not much was made of this mysterious medical procedure at the time – which was quite a switch from the time in 2018 when First Lady Melania Trump was admitted to Walter Reed for several days. Both during and after her stay at Walter Reed, the media spent days speculating on First Lady Melania’s whereabouts afterward.

CNN’s resident potato Brian Stelter even featured a “Where’s Melania” graphic on his “Reliable Sources” program as they counted down the days since they’d seen her.

Melania, as she always did, took it in her stride – tweeting that the “media is working overtime speculating where I am.” She assured the country that she was feeling great and “working hard on behalf of children & the American people!”