Jerome Bell Returns To Twitter After Being Banned

( Reports show Jarome Bell, an America First conservative, has been reinstated to Twitter following multiple bans from left-wing censors during his Trump-aligned congressional campaign. These bans were part of a documented effort by Big Tech elites and their political allies to silence the American people’s voices.

Jarome Bell, a Navy veteran of 27 years, tweeted, “I’m back!” and thanked Elon Musk after his reinstatement on Friday afternoon. It was the first tweet from his @JaromeBellVA account since September 2021, when he was banned during his Trump-aligned Congressional campaign in Virginia’s 2nd District.

Jarome Bell’s ban from Twitter in 2021 constituted direct election interference by Big Tech oligarchs and their corporate media allies, and it occurred after Newsweek demanded he be silenced for his stances on election integrity. Bell called for election audits in all fifty states and the constitutionally-mandated punishment for election fraud.

This was not the first time Twitter censors had taken action to suspend Bell’s account.

Reports revealed in 2020 that Bell was in a close race for the GOP nomination against ex-Rep. Scott Taylor.  Bell’s account was suspended just two weeks before the June primary. Three weeks later, they reinstated him with blue check verification. However, the damage was already done, and Taylor lost to Democrat Elaine Luria.

Bell told reporters that because he was “shadow-banned,” he had to create a new account for 2022 with only a few thousand followers. But that account was also ultimately banned.

Political reports revealed that Bell, a supporter of President Trump and the America First movement, was one of the candidates sabotaged by Kevin McCarthy during the midterm elections of 2022 using corrupt FTX campaign funds.

McCarthy’s Congressional Leadership Fund political machine, which FTX financed, funneled millions of dollars to pro-trans Republican Jen Kiggans’ campaign during both the primary season and the general election in cash and advertising.

Early in the primary campaign, Kiggans vowed to support McCarthy for House Speaker, a position for which he now appears to lack sufficient support. By the end of the election, McCarthy’s political machine had sent over $5 million to Jen Kiggans.

More proof that Kevin McCarthy can’t be trusted.