Jen Psaki Snaps At Reporter Asking A Difficult Question

( White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki got visibly agitated this week when Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked some tough questions about mask guidelines.

Heinrich asked Psaki for the second consecutive day about when the Centers for Disease Control plans to update mask guidelines, after a number of states – including Democrat-run states – dropped their own mask mandates.

Among those states are New Jersey and Delaware, where students will no longer be required to wear masks in schools. While those mask mandates have been dropped, however, the CDC still recommends wearing them in school.

And the Biden White House has had absolutely nothing to say about the inconsistency. If we are to take the word of the CDC and the Biden White House, the lifting of these mandates puts children at risk of death…right

But when Heinrich started asking the question, Psaki interrupted her and refused to stop.

“You’ll have to ask the CDC,’ she said. “The CDC moves at the pace of data and science.”

Which…kind of proves the point that this whole situation makes zero sense. If the CDC is wrong about the science now, were they wrong before? Or are the governors of New Jersey and Delaware wrong? Psaki didn’t say.

“I would note that our goal remains continuing to ensure that there is guidance that helps school districts stay open. That’s our goal. We want kids to be in school. Ninety-eight percent of schools are open. That’s a very…” she continued, before Heinrich started trying to ask her question again.

“Let me finish, that’s a very good sign,” Psaki continued, as Heinrich continued to try and ask her if she believes that Democrat-run states who break with CDC guidance are ignoring the science.

You can see the interaction here.

Do you think Psaki knows that she is defending the indenfensible?