Jen Psaki Hits Back at Hawley’s ‘Attempts To Smear Or Discredit’ Ketanji Brown Jackson on Child Predators — In Detail

( White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is really mad that people are finding legitimate criticisms for President Joe Biden’s nominee to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court.

After attempting to destroy the lives of the three Trump-nominated Supreme Court justices, smearing two out of three as sexual predators, Democrats are now offended by reports that exposed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s disturbing record of defending sex offenders.

Unlike the smears against Trump-nominated justices, these stories are…true.

When a reporter asked Psaki about comments by Senator Josh Hawley, who recently told Fox News that Jackson had a disturbing history of treating sex offenders with leniency, Psaki got really, really angry.

“What I would say, though — because there are others in the Senate who have made faulty accusations about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s record and specifically about her record on child sex crimes, so let me just take the opportunity to clear that up — not that most people have confusion about it,” she snapped.

Most people, huh? Psaki thinks she is speaking for most people?

PSsaki claimed that in the vast majority of cases that involved sex crimes, Jackson gave sentences that were “consistent with or above what the government or U.S. probation recommended.”

Okay, maybe, but that doesn’t tell the full story.

Speaking to Sean Hannity on Fox News on Thursday, Hawley told viewers how Jackson has a history of advocating lesser sentences for sex offenders. A note written by Jackson for a Senate Judiciary Committee “Questionnaire for Judicial Nominees” back when President Barack Obama nominated her to the District of Columbia court, revealed that she believed judges should “change their analytical framework for evaluating the constitutionality of certain sex offender statutes.”

Jackson also argued that some courts reject sex offender sentences as “punitive enactments that violate the rights of individuals who already have been sanctioned for their crimes,” arguing against the implementation of sex offender registers.

Psaki may be angry that people dug up her disturbing history, but she can’t claim that people are lying about what Jackson herself has said.