Jason Miller “Engaging” with Jan 6 Committee

(JustPatriots.com)- Last week the House select committee “investigating” the three-hour melee at the Capitol postponed former Trump spokesman Jason Miller’s scheduled appearance before the committee and acknowledged that Miller was “engaging” with the select committee.

Miller had been scheduled for a deposition by the committee last Friday.

Jason Miller was among six of Trump’s associates who were subpoenaed by the committee last month. According to committee chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS), these Trump associates participated in a so-called “war room” meeting at the Willard Hotel before the “Stop the Steal” rally where they allegedly discussed ways to halt the certification of electors.

In addition to Jason Miller, the committee subpoenaed Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Bill Stepien, Angela McCallum, the national executive assistant for the Trump campaign, attorney John Eastman, former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn, and former NYPD police commissioner Bernard Kerik, whom the committee claims paid for the hotel rooms used by the “war room.”

Last week, “Stop the Steal” rally organizer Ali Alexander appeared for his deposition with the January 6 committee. Ali told the committee that he would cooperate with their investigation.

Meanwhile, former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows last week filed a lawsuit against Nancy Pelosi and each select committee member in the federal district court for the District of Columbia, claiming that the January 6 select committee is unconstitutionally usurping the authority of the executive branch.

In his lawsuit, Meadows argues that the committee is illegitimate for violating the terms of the resolution that established it.

In the House resolution establishing the Jan 6 committee, the Speaker was to appoint 13 members to the committee, five of whom were to be appointed by the minority leader. However, the panel only has nine members, not thirteen. And none of the five members appointed Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy were seated by Pelosi. Nor does the select committee include a ranking minority member.

While the media portrayed Meadows’ lawsuit as a desperate attempt to get out of testifying, some legal experts contend that his suit could have merit. What’s more, by arguing that the committee is violating the rules laid out in the resolution, if Meadows’ suit prevails, it could put an end to the witch hunt once and for all.