January 6th Committee Suggests Trump Called Staff Of January 6th Committee To Reach “Witness”

(PatriotWise.com)- It is clearly obvious that the January 6 Committee is trying to fabricate a story about “witness tampering” in order to charge Trump.

On Tuesday, RINO Liz Cheney said that the panel had informed the Justice Department on January 6 that Trump had called one of its witnesses who had not yet testified.

Cheney claims that the call from Trump was not answered by the witness, who instead informed their attorney about the caller’s effort to communicate with them.

Cheney remarked that since the committee’s most recent hearing, President Trump attempted to call a witness. She infomed that it was a witness they had not yet seen.
That individual informed their lawyer about President Trump’s call instead of picking up or responding, and the committee has given the Department of Justice that information.

She emphasized, “Let me repeat it again, we will take any attempt to sway witness evidence extremely seriously.”

CNN claims that Trump made an attempt to contact a member of the White House support staff who was now speaking with the J6 Committee on the phone.

They reported that on January 6, 2021, the former president Donald Trump attempted to phone a member of the White House support staff who was speaking before the House select committee looking into the situation.

According to the sources, the support staff member was worried about the interaction even if they didn’t frequently speak with the former President. They also told their lawyers about it.

After Cassidy Hutchinson, a former Trump White House adviser, publicly testified before the committee, the decision was taken. According to the sources, the White House employee was able to support some of Hutchinson’s statements made under oath.

Trump attempted to call a witness, but CNN only received information about the witness’ whereabouts. There haven’t been any prior reports regarding the witness Trump sought to call.

The same strategies were employed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Following their investigation, Mueller and his henchmen accused Trump allies Roger Stone and General Flynn of procedural crimes.

Remember that Mueller’s thugs indicted Trump’s 2016 campaign manager Paul Manafort for “witness tampering,” and it looks like the J6 panel is employing the same strategy to prosecute Trump in an effort to bar him from seeking office.