Janet Yellen To Heighten Bidenomics Propaganda In Coming Days

Promoting the advantages of President Joe Biden’s economic policies, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is stepping up her domestic travel schedule this week, with stops in Chicago and Milwaukee. In contrast to the Trump administration’s inaction on significant infrastructure legislation, Yellen will assert that the pandemic recovery was more rapid, equitable, and revolutionary than other economic recoveries. Her speech will focus on Biden’s infrastructure measure worth $1.2 trillion, investments in semiconductors, and tax cuts for renewable energy worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Persistent inflation has made it harder for Biden to get support from people over his economic policies, but that is starting to change. Yellen thinks Americans will gain financial confidence when pay rises surpass prices. Consumer sentiment in January reached its best level in two and a half years, according to a poll by the University of Michigan. This indicates that people’s attitudes have improved across all ages and income levels.

Yellen’s planned visit on January 26 sees her travel to a Milwaukee worker training center partially financed by Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 rescue bill. The American Rescue Plan Act was carved out of the rescue bill package.

On Saturday, she will also leverage a segment of the “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” quiz show from Chicago, which National Public Radio broadcasts. She’s pulling out all the stops, including unusual ones.

Yellen stated that the primary goal of the significant proposals known as “Bidenomics” was to allow the middle class to drive the once again economy, which included investing nearly 2 trillion dollars in a COVID-19 rescue package and over 1 trillion dollars in an infrastructure bill, $52 billion invested in semiconductors and research, and a $430 billion clean energy and healthcare law. The United States economy escaped a painfully delayed recovery like the one that followed the 2007–2009 recession and came out of the COVID-19 epidemic with record-low unemployment because of that expenditure.

Yellen remarked that this recovery has been the most equitable ever, with benefits seen by people of all income levels and ethnicities. For example, the unemployment rates of Black and Hispanic Americans have fallen dramatically.

The Trump administration achieved historically low minority unemployment rates, a source of pride the former president often touts.