Janet Yellen Skips Important Meeting To Go Somewhere Else Instead

(JustPatriots.com)- President Biden’s new Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen caused quite a stir this week when she skipped a hearing about COVID-19 relief funds. It’s precisely the kind of thing she is responsible for overseeing but didn’t seem to think it was worth her time to turn up.

Small Business Administration chief Isabel Guzman was expected to appear alongside Yellen before the House Small Business Committee this past Wednesday, but Guzman turned up alone. Both the Democrat and Republican leaders of the committee slammed the treasury secretary for simply refusing to turn up, given that she played a huge part in implementing the COVID-19 relief program in the early days of the Biden administration.

Democratic New York Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, the chairwoman of the committee, even said that Yellen had violated the law by refusing to turn up.

The hearing would have focused on the gigantic $900 billion COVID relief package that was passed by Congress in March of this year. Yellen was expected to testify on how the funds from the Paycheck Protection Program were distributed.

Velazquez was scathing in her response to Yellen’s snub.

“Without her at the table, this committee cannot properly fulfil our oversight responsibilities to American taxpayers, nor the nation’s entrepreneurial community,” she said, before accusing Yellen of breaking the law.

President Joe Biden has also faced intense criticism of late after proposing that more than $2.2 trillion in taxpayer money should be spent on further COVID relief programs and “infrastructure” – a term that has been widened to include the Green New Deal and more.

This week, Treasury Secretary Yellen confirmed that she expects high inflation rates to continue short term, but that they will ultimately be temporary. Let’s hope that’s true.