Jamaal Bowman Loses 2024 Primary to Moderate Bronx Democrat

In the United States the contemporary political climate is one of great polarization and tension. With now less than 5 calendar months remaining until the 2024 presidential and federal Congressional elections are set to take place the nation is gearing up for a tumultuous cycle politically speaking. Presidentially, the 46th commander in chief, the incumbent Joe Biden is likely to be the Democratic nominee. The former 45th president, the real estate mogul, reality TV star and businessman from New York City Donald Trump will be the nominee for the Republican party. Both men are quite unpopular. In a recent article written by Newsmax, a conservative media outlet, Biden was projected to only carry a 37% approval rating, while Trump was only looked upon favorably by some 41% of the populace.

Americans are sick of the division, and a strong percentage of voters would prefer a candidate other than Trump or Biden. Both major parties have become tribalized. Indeed, it appears increasingly that there are no moderate, or centrist public servants. Both parties have shifted further away from the middle, moving far right and far left as the political climate has deteriorated. The mainstream media has not helped quell tensions, and often has only added to the problem by worsening national divisions. Many Americans no longer trust the media and interpersonal communication and civil discussion has largely become non-existent.

In Democratic City though, a far left politician was rejected in this year’s primary. Jamaal Bowman was defeated by a 70-year-old moderate Democrat named George Latimer. Bowman had been very vocal about his lack of support for Israel in the Middle Eastern conflict that is ongoing. This issue likely played a major role in his political demise. The news is a welcome development for individuals who may be seeking a middle ground politically. Is also a victory for conservatives who seek to paint far left Democrats as out of touch, radical activists.