Ivy League Professor Slams Al Sharpton

(JustPatriots.com)- Glenn Loury, an economics professor at Brown University and the host of his own show, The Glenn Show, has some harsh words for far-left, race-baiting “civil rights activist” Rev. Al Sharpton.

During a recent conversation with Columbia University associate professor John McWhorter, Loury said that the famous Baptist minister is using the “race card” and that he is employing a “high-level shtick” rather than actually campaigning on issues that matter. He suggested that Sharpton’s commitment to the shtick is causing more damage than good.

Loury, who is an expert on economic theories, also blamed the Democratic Party for pushing racial identity politics and encouraging people like Al Sharpton to continue doing what they’re doing.

Watch some of the discussion here:

He said that the Democratic Party is creating careers for Sharpton and people like him who employ the race card to win the votes of Black Democrats.

Loury added that what they’re doing “really poorly represents the interests of African Americans.”

That’s so true.

Loury also offered some suggestions for Sharpton to actually help improves the lives of Black Americans.

He suggested that, instead of race-baiting, he should urge African Americans to adopt children who don’t have any parents, to promote charter schools, and to encourage Black kids to “compete effectively.”

On his high-level shtick, he added that he has “refined it to perfection” and that he is “out-Jesse Jacksoning Jesse Jackson.”

You have to watch that interview – only Glenn Loury could put it so succinctly.