IT’S HAPPENING: Senate Judiciary To Vote To Advance Barrett Nomination Next Week

( Despite the protests and faux outrage from the Democrats and the media, the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote next week to approve Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court. It is expected to take place on October 22, and if successful, would see Barret become the third Supreme Court Justice appointed by President Donald Trump.

The decision comes after Judge Barrett spent this week answering questions before the Senate Judiciary Committee relating to her beliefs, her abilities, her qualifications, and her suitability for the role.

Witnesses testified in support of Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court, and the week’s proceedings have seen several instances of left-wing senators making disparaging comments about Barrett and even accusing her of being a “white colonizer.”

At least they didn’t accuse her of being a gang rapist like this did with Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

During the end of the hearing on Tuesday, Senator John Kennedy gave Judge Coney Barrett an opportunity to respond to some of those smears, including one suggestion that she was a racist hiding behind her adopted Haitian children.

Vice-presidential candidate for the Democrat ticket, Senator Kamala Harris, even used her time during the hearings to attack Judge Barrett and imply that she does not fight for equal justice.

“Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg devoted her life to this fight for equal justice. She defended the constitution. She advocated for human rights and equality,” Harris said to Judge Barrett remotely from her office. “She stood for the rights of women. She protected workers. She fought for the rights of consumers against corporations. She supported LGBTQ rights. And she did so much more. But now, her legacy and the rights she fought so hard to protect are in jeopardy.”

Harris even said that Judge Barrett would “undo” her legacy.


What was perhaps most bizarre about the entire performance was that Harris was in an office just steps away from the actual hearing, and appeared with a book about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the background.

Despite the claims that Judge Barrett would unravel the rights Justice Ginsburg fought for, and despite their protests over President Trump’s legitimate right to nominate a new judge, the vote appears to be going ahead.

Unless Republican Senators quickly change their mind, Judge Barrett is set to be appointed to the Supreme Court before the election on November 3.