Israeli Airstrike Hits Syria

( According to the Syrian state news agency SANA, an alleged Israeli airstrike southwest of Damascus caused material damage Tuesday night. The airstrikes targeted sites belonging to Iranian militias in the Zakya area.

According to reports, the strike targeted a weapons storehouse as well as a gathering point for the militias. The entire storehouse was destroyed and fire broke out at the site. Syrian air defenses responded to the attack.

The airstrike comes just days after Israel allegedly carried out a rare daytime airstrike on Hezbollah sites in Damascus. That strike on Saturday killed at least one Syrian Armed Forces soldier and wounded another three.

Saturday’s attack targeted a meeting between Iranian militia leaders and members of Hezbollah. It also struck a weapons storehouse just hours after weapons had been transferred into the building. Also hit in the attack was a vehicle carrying Hezbollah militia leaders as well as an air defense battery.

In early October, Iranian militias threatened to retaliate after a number of Syrian and Iranian-backed forces were killed and wounded in another alleged Israeli airstrike near Palmyra in central Syria. That strike targeted a communications tower and a number of other nearby sites, killing one Syrian soldier and wounding three others.

In response to that attack, a joint operations room affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Hezbollah, and the Assad regime warned that it decided to respond harshly to the airstrike because a number of operatives were killed and wounded. However, it was unclear if they were referring to casualties other than those officially reported in the early October strike.

It is possible the warning was also in response to an alleged Israeli airstrike just days earlier that targeted T-4 airport near Palmyra, wounding six Syrian soldiers.