Israel Terrorist Plot Thwarted By Government In Shocking Preventative Measure

( According to Hebrew media reports, Israeli security forces foiled a major terrorist attack planned for Passover Eve.
Six individuals were apprehended in Silwad, a hamlet near Ramallah, by military and Border Police special forces after a tip that they were plotting an assault, most likely in Jerusalem.
In an attempt to prevent the arrests, a group of Palestinians hurled rocks at security cars.
IDF and Border Police special forces apprehended a Hamas terrorist Maad Hamed, 33, a member of the group that assassinated Malachi Rosenfeld in a 2015 shooting incident.
According to the Shin Bet security service, Hamed allegedly escaped from a Palestinian Authority jail, intending to carry out another assault against Israelis.
According to Israel Hayom, an Israeli male was rescued from a lynching by a Palestinian crowd in Bethlehem on Wednesday.
The mob set his automobile on fire, but he managed to flee.
“Our precious Malachi cannot be restored to us,” Eliezer said, ” Rosenfeld’s father said after learning of Hamed’s arrest. “But the guy who took his life should rot in prison for the rest of his days.”
According to Rosenfeld, the IDF had phoned to notify him of Hamed’s arrest, and the event signified “closure and the prevention of additional killings” for the family.
Worst of all, the Palestinian Authority’s heinous practice of rewarding these terrorists and their families with monthly payments, stipends that encourage murder and acts of violence, is certain to continue, a system known as “pay to slay.”
The United States Congress passed legislation in 2018 that restricts payments to the Palestinian Authority while it continues to engage in this heinous practice, but the payments continue. President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority rightly criticized the latest terror assaults, but his words would be empty unless he ended the pay-to-slay scheme. Palestinian families undoubtedly require financial assistance, but payments must no longer be linked to acts of aggression against Israelis.
Terror will never bring peace to the world. Nonetheless, as they have done since the 1920s, too many Palestinian leaders continue to use violence as a political weapon and strategy. Terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad aim to destroy Israel.