Israel Prime Minster Says New Government A Scam

( On Sunday outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had harsh words for the incoming government, calling it a “scam against the public.”

Netanyahu argued that Israel’s new government, which has yet to be confirmed by the Knesset, would not be able to stand up to pressure from President Biden to accept a nuclear deal with Iran.

Calling it a “dangerous left-wing government,” Netanyahu expressed deep concern that given its reliance on “supporters of terrorism,” the incoming government would be unable to take action against terrorist groups in Gaza.

Netanyahu is among many who question the very legitimacy of the new coalition government – claiming the public wanted him to remain Prime Minister.

There are oddities to be sure. The incoming prime minister’s party won only 6% of the vote, yet is poised to take control of the government – something Israelis find perplexing. Meanwhile, the party that won the majority of votes is being ousted from power.

While few in Israel are claiming this election was “stolen,” some on the political right believe the results were unfairly manipulated.

Compounding the crisis in legitimacy is voter anger over incoming Prime Minister, nationalist Naftali Bennett, reneging on his promise not to form a coalition with Yair Lapid of the centrist Yesh Atid party, as well as his promise not to work with Israel’s Arab parties.

While polling suggests that the public prefers to keep the Bennett/Lapid coalition government to holding a fifth round of elections in the fall, his betrayal of his voters puts Bennett in a tough position. Some believe his coalition government will find it difficult to remain stable once it is installed.

The parliamentary session in which the new government is to be installed may not take place until next week. The Knesset speaker, a Netanyahu loyalist, is expected to try to prevent and delay any attempts to hold the vote earlier – no doubt in hopes of giving Netanyahu time to do a little arm-twisting.