IRS To Start Hiring Armed Agents

IRS Criminal Unit recruiters are looking for gun-slinging candidates because they want to step up enforcement efforts because of a financial windfall.

According to reports, applicants for the special agent job, the only one at the IRS where staff is allowed to carry pistols, would be required to combine accounting expertise with criminal justice skills to investigate financial crimes, according to an ad on the IRS website. Candidates must legally possess the right to carry firearms and keep a level of  endurance required to react quickly to life-threatening circumstances to be considered.

Approximately 360 openings are available at 250 locations throughout the country.  The salary range is $53,000 to $94,000.

The Internal Revenue Service is looking to hire 20,000 more employees over the next decade as a consequence of the $80 billion funding boost provided by the Inflation Reduction Act. The position requires working at least 50 hours per week and being accessible at all times; IRS is accepting applications until December.

Reports show that at the start of the new Congress, Republicans in the House voted successfully to eliminate the $80 billion allotment. However, the Senate is equally split, and President Biden is sure to veto the repeal.

Total tax refunds for families are expected to drop, which may lead to an increase in audits of middle-income households. Taxpayers who did not get stimulus payments will no longer be eligible to claim a recovery rebate credit, and parents will no longer be eligible to collect the advance child tax credit that was earlier authorized under the American Rescue Plan.

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the agency can trace its origins to the Civil War, as President Abraham Lincoln and his Congress established an income tax and the commissioner post for internal revenue.

In 1952, President Harry S. Truman ordered a complete overhaul of the IRS. On July 9, 1953, the agency changed its name to the Internal Revenue Service.