IRS Makes New Hiring Changes Ahead Of Tax Season

( The Internal Revenue Service has been struggling with an enormous backlog of tax returns since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and the situation just keeps getting worse. Reports this week revealed how the IRS believes that new hiring authority will allow the agency to onboard new staff within 40 to 45 days – instead of the several months it currently takes – with a view to finally catching up on its gigantic backlog.

The agency was granted direct hire authority from the United States Congress in the 2022 spending bill that was signed by President Joe Biden this week. In the same spending bill, the IRS was given its biggest budget in several decades.

Chuck Rettig, the IRS commissioner, issued a statement describing how the agency’s new hiring authority, combined with a slightly less heavy paper-based workload this year, means that the IRS will finally be on track to resolve its backlog by the end of this year.

“For more than two years, we’ve been requesting direct hiring authority because we compete with the private sector, who can bring somebody on board the next week. And for us, it’s been a six-to-eight month process,” Rettig told the House Oversight Committee on Thursday.

Despite the good news, some Democrats have complained that the agency cannot afford to pay more than $15 per hour for front-line employees who open mail and process incoming tax returns. With skyrocketing inflation hitting working-class Americans the hardest – thanks to the Biden administration – more may need to be done by the president and Congress to either raise those wages or bring the cost of living back down.