Iran Cozies Up To Venezuela In America’s Backyard

( Experts say that Iran is trying to establish a foothold closer to America, and they’re doing it by expanding their influence in South America.

The Iranian government is apparently working close with Venezuela and its government under Nicolas Maduro.

As the executive director of activist group Iranian Americans for Liberty, Bryan E. Leib, said:

“It should come as no surprise that two of the world’s leading human rights abusers have become even closer over the last several months. All American lawmakers should be deeply concerned about the growing ties between Tehran and Caracas. Their aggression cannot be left unchecked, and this strengthening alliance affects every liberty-loving member of the free world.”

Iran has been trying to establish political ties in the Western Hemisphere for years now. Many officials in the Trump administration were fearful about some of these developing relationships.

Recently, though, the outreach efforts from Iran have ticked up as a way to help prop up their economy as the U.S. continues to place sanctions on Iran. The Biden administration is apparently considering pulling back on some of the sanctions as an incentive to get Iran to come to the table to re-start negotiations on the nuclear deal.

This relationship with Venezuela isn’t a secret, either. The country’s foreign affairs commissioner and opposition leader, Julio Borges, confirmed as much recently when he said:

“As an opposition government minister in Venezuela, a country living under sanctions, I’ve watched a regime impoverish people, abuse their most basic human rights, yet continue to live lavishly as a result of sophisticated sanctions busting

“With the help of a number of regimes who are set on undermining humanitarian values and the rules-based order, the current regime in Venezuela smuggles our national gold reserves out in return for cash and refined oil products — impoverishing future generations.”

Iran is working closely with Venezuela, now it’s closest ally in the South American region. Iran is forced to ship its oil supplies around the world to maintain a supply line for other goods.

A recent Reuters report found that “jet fuel is shipped in the Iranian tankers that deliver gasoline to Venezuela.” In addition, both countries “celebrated the Iranian fuel shipments as a method of resisting pressure from their common adversary,” the United States.

The Department of Justice in America has been working to seize oil from various tankers from Iran that are on their way to Venezuela. The U.S. takes this oil, then sells it and distributes the money it makes to victims of international terrorism.

This is done through the U.S. Victims of State Sponsored Terrorism Fund. The fund was established back in 1996 as a way to pay damages to victims of terrorism that was sponsored by Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria.

Borges explained:

“Russia moves out Venezuelan gold reserves, Iran provides gasoline and additives for gold, and the UAE provides cash, in euros for the gold. This ‘Club of Other’ appears to be able to operate with impunity beyond the reach of authority — and indeed includes sovereign states like Iran and the UAE working unilaterally together to undermine American interests which have imposed sanctions on the Maduro regime.”