Iran Claims “Sabotage” At Nuclear Site

( In February, Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned that Iran could be just weeks away from developing a nuclear weapon, as the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism forged ahead with its plans to refine uranium and create new weapons. It’s a terrifying prospect, but it could just have been delayed…at least by a little.

Last week, Reuters revealed that an Iranian nuclear facility appears to have been “sabotaged” in June, with Iran blaming minor damage to a building on Israel.

It looks as though the attack only damaged the building and not any equipment – as far as we know – but the attack was significant enough for Iran to notice it, and to make a public statement about it.

Ali Rabiei, a spokesman for the Iranian government, told the press how satellite images revealed how part of a roof of a building on a nuclear site was missing. The photographs were taken as the building was undergoing repair.

He told the press that there was “no damage to equipment” and that the Iranian government believes it was orchestrated by Israel in an effort to derail then-ongoing discussions about reviving the failed Obama-era “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.” At the time, the discussions were taking place by proxy, with leaders of various European nations talking with Iranian representatives as the country refused to work with President Joe Biden directly until he undid all Trump-era economic sanctions.

Rabiei blamed the “Zionist regime” of Israel for the actions and said that the nation intends to “halt Iran” and show the world that it does not need to talk to Iran.

That sounds kinda true, honestly…

A further attack against the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization was also reportedly foiled on June 23.

It remains unclear just how close Iran is to developing nuclear weapons, or whether the nation’s leadership is even interested in coming to a deal with President Biden anymore.