Investigators Say Turkey Running Biggest Drug Operation In History

( A whistleblower from Sweden, who is the only European asylum seeker currently in the United States, has claimed that Turkey is currently running the biggest drug trafficking operation in history.

Known as “Victor X,” the European asylee gained more than a million views over the last week on a video he posted to Instagram explaining that there will be “shockwaves” sent all over the world after he reveals more details about how Turkey is financing investments in Sweden via the biggest drug trafficking operation there has ever been.

In the video, Victor X called on President Joe Biden to put sanctions on Turkey and Sweden over the allegations.

X is protected as an asylum seeker in the United States after leaving his work as a banker and financial agent in his home country.

In June, he uploaded a video accusing officials within the Turkish government of laundering drug money in Sweden. He claims that the cash came from a Turkish-Latin American operation, and he makes the shocking claim based on information he obtained in a $4.2 billion lawsuit that he filed in American federal courts against the CEO of Swedbank, Jens Henriksson.

According to a report by The National File, when X left Sweden with his burner cell phones, all of the phones began to call at the same time, with the phones showing the calls originating from Turkey. He said this happened just days after his negotiations with the head of Sweden’s Tax Agency broke down.

In the report, which you can find here, it is also revealed how X believes that a Turkish man attempted to murder him in New York City.

The lawsuit filed by X reached the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, which is the court just beneath the Supreme Court.

To find out more about this incredible man, be sure to read the full report here.