Investigative Reporter Found Dead

( On Wednesday, Clark County Public Administrator, Democrat Robert Telles, was arrested in connection to the weekend stabbing death of Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German.

German, who had written several political corruption stories on Robert Telles, was found dead at his home after an altercation on Saturday morning.

Before his arrest, the Democrat official was taken in for questioning as police searched his home. Telles returned home Wednesday evening, but soon afterward, his home was surrounded by police in tactical gear. After a two-hour standoff with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, Telles emerged on a stretcher and was placed in an ambulance.

On Thursday, Telles appeared before a judge who ordered the 45-year-old Democrat remanded into custody at Clark County Detention Center until his next hearing on September 13.

Law enforcement officials confirmed that they had found DNA evidence that connects Telles to the murder of Jeff German.

In a press conference Thursday, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Captain Dori Koren from the Homicide and Sex Crimes Bureau said in addition to DNA evidence, investigators found incriminating evidence inside Telles’ home, including a straw hat and sneakers that had been cut up “in a manner that was likely an attempt to destroy evidence.”

Video surveillance from near the crime scene showed a man walking to and from German’s home on the day of the murder. The man was wearing a large straw hat, an orange shirt, black pants, and gray sneakers.

Investigators identified a red GM Denali driving around German’s neighborhood on the morning of the murder. The day before his arrest, Telles was spotted outside of his home cleaning his red Denali.

According to Capt. Koren, Telles confronted German outside of the garage before the two went to the side of the house where they got into an altercation in which the victim was stabbed multiple times.

Authorities responding to a 911 call around 11:30 am found German lying unresponsive outside of his home.

Capt. Koren said while they can only speculate on the motive, investigators know that Telles was angry over German’s reporting “and everything else that followed with that.”

In June, Telles was defeated in the Democrat primary, in large part due to German’s investigative reporting, which included exposing his affair with a staffer