Internet Free Speech Called A “Weapon Of War” By World Leader

( Internet freedom was described as a “weapon of war” by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in her most recent UN speech to the General Assembly this week.

The far-leftist Ardern, who controlled her nation during the COVID pandemic like a tyrant, demanded a brand-new internet with rules and transparency.

Like Canada’s Justin Trudeau, Ardern claims she respects free expression, but they behave like the stereotypical socialist elites.

Reports show that Ardern unveiled a new initiative to help fight disinformation online at the U.N. General Assembly.  The prime minister admitted that it might be difficult to advocate for any kind of internet speech regulation.

You don’t say.

Ardern wondered if individuals are permitted to present different perspectives online, how can we address diverse challenges?
She worried about how a war could be ended. How can you combat climate change if people don’t believe in it? How can you ensure human rights are upheld when people are exposed to harmful and cruel ideas?

Ardern said speech is a weapon often used by those with evil intent.

Has that shrew looked in a mirror lately?

The prime minister then asked the assembled group of U.N. leaders to take action.
She said there was a widespread commitment to restore order for every attempt to plunge the world into chaos. They have the means. They just need the will to use it.

Eve is asking the snake council for help.

Reports show the video of the New Zealand prime minister’s address went viral on social media, and many critics criticized her statements.

Glenn Greenwald, a co-founder of The Intercept, criticized Ardern on Twitter. He explained that this is the face of dictatorship and that tyrants everywhere have this mentality. She sees disagreement as a danger.

Deputy managing editor of RedState, Brandon Morse, remarked that Ardern is an authoritarian recognizing that your free speech is a danger to their reign.

Ned Ryun, CEO of American Greatness, believes Ardern is evil.


Ardern has previously pushed for widespread censorship.