Influencer’s Husband Dies In Tragic Accident For All To See

While on their way to tell their family the happy news of her pregnancy, Utah newlyweds Chloe and Parker Stott were killed in a vehicle collision in Arizona. On December 20th, the couple’s Toyota pickup was involved in a head-on collision with another truck in Wickenburg, Arizona. The crash killed Chloe, who was riding in the passenger seat of the Toyota. Parker, her husband, was taken to the hospital but passed just a few days later.

According to Scout Whiteley, a mutual friend and coworker at Chloe’s Lindon, Utah boutique spa, Stott was ten weeks into her pregnancy. The couple had intended to surprise their family with the news of their pregnancy for Christmas.

Parker had survived the wreck and was transported to the Arizona Burn Center. A leg amputation was one of three surgeries that surgeons performed. After the procedures, surgeons informed the family that Parker’s injuries were far worse than previously thought, and the prognosis was quite dismal.

Chloe and Parker’s distraught relatives shared a video where a large gathering was having a memorial service. A fundraiser reached over $200,000.

The pair’s white Toyota Tundra pickup truck was in a legal passing zone when it collided head-on with a white Volvo commercial truck tractor at 8:18 p.m. on Wednesday, according to police. The couple failed to complete the pass, and the vehicles hit head-on. As a preventative measure, the driver of the Volvo was sent to the hospital.

Numerous influential people flocked to Chloe Stott’s Clover Skin bar in Lindon, northern Utah, where she specializes in anti-aging and acne treatments. Upon hearing of her passing, several of her influential clientele and the esthetician community paid tribute to her.

“So much love for you, Chloe,” fellow skin expert Jenna Rammell wrote on TikTok.

Many of the couple’s friends and family have expressed their grief in the hundreds of comments posted under their photo.