Hunter Biden’s Laptop Now In FBI’s Possession

( My Son Hunter, a new film from Breitbart News, is a fact-based portrayal of the first son Hunter Biden’s life of hedonism and criminality. Although the film takes artistic licenses, several sequences depict genuine tales of the Biden scion’s life. The movie goes through accurate details.

Various sources and a subpoena originally revealed by the New York Post, the FBI has Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell.” When the Post initially ran the “Laptop from Hell” series in 2020, it included a copy of the subpoena issued to computer repair business owner John Paul Mac Isaac in 2019 when he gave the laptop to authorities.

According to whistleblowers who came forward to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) last month, the FBI refused to investigate the now-first son because the agency would not affect the election outcome again.

According to Sen. Johnson’s letter to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz,
after the FBI seized the Hunter Biden laptop from a computer store in Wilmington, Delaware, the whistleblowers said that local FBI leadership warned staff not to look at the Hunter Biden laptop and that the FBI will not affect the outcome of the election again. The whistleblowers also claimed that the FBI did not begin investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop contents until after the 2020 presidential election. Potentially a year after the FBI got the laptop in December 2019.

According to Mac Isaac, he felt the FBI was burying the laptop, so he sought out Rudy Giuliani to get the hard drive out to the press.

The top FBI officer accused of obstructing the Hunter Biden investigation resigned one week after the whistleblowers’ allegations.
According to the Washington Times, Timothy Thibault, former assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, stepped down and was observed being led out of his workplace. Thibault’s attorneys argued that he was not fired, was not forced to resign, and was not requested to retire.”
It was also revealed last month that, while the FBI was burying investigations into Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell, it was also warning Facebook about an impending “dump” of “Russian propaganda” in the press that it would need to suppress. That happened just before the New York Post began publishing the Laptop series.
More whistleblowers, please.