Hunter Biden’s Crimes May Have Been Censored By Media In Plot Against Trump

( During a recent interview, author Sam Harris sparked outrage over claims that the attempts to suppress the reporting on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop before the 2020 election was “warranted” because Donald Trump had to be defeated.

In a now-viral interview from the TRIGGERnometry podcast, Harris scoffed at those who objected to social media shutting down the New York Post’s reporting on Hunter’s laptop. He pointed out that those who called it a “left-wing conspiracy to deny the presidency to Donald Trump” were right, but added that he believed “it was warranted.”

Harris said he didn’t care what was on Hunter’s laptop and said even if Hunter Biden had “corpses of children in his basement,” he wouldn’t have cared because beating Trump was all that mattered.

Harris said he supported the efforts to cover up the reporting.

When one of the interviewers, Konstantin Kisin, expressed dismay over what Harris was saying, the author argued that the only thing that mattered was keeping Trump from winning a second term, claiming it was akin to trying to prevent an asteroid from “hurtling toward Earth.”

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