Hunter Biden Wanted An Office At This Think Tank

( Joe Biden had a talent agent.

Craig Gering, Joe Biden’s talent agent, emailed Hunter Biden in April 2016 to discuss the vice president’s plans for the following year. These plans included establishing the Penn Biden Center, a think tank affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania in Washington, District of Columbia. In his email, Gering said that the university’s office in Washington, DC, “will be extended to accommodate a DC office for VP Biden (and Mike, Hunter, and Steve?),” an apparent allusion to potential future Penn Biden Center executives Michael Carpenter and Steve Ricchetti.

Emails found on an abandoned laptop belonging to the first son indicate that Hunter Biden attempted to establish an office at Joe Biden’s think tank, where the president was known to keep confidential materials. Biden’s legal team at the office uncovered a treasure trove of papers about Iran, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine.

This interaction raises concerns in light of the rising worries over finding secret materials at the Penn Biden Center and Biden’s residence in Wilmington, Delaware.

In answer to Gering’s question posed on April 25, 2016, he said, “That’s the way I would want it to see it play out.” “BUT PLEASE KEEP THIS HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL BETWEEN US, AS NOTHING HAS BEEN FIRMLY DETERMINED AT THIS POINT.”

It is not entirely apparent whether or not Hunter Biden’s plan worked out how he had anticipated it would. Republicans have voiced their worries on the possibility of Hunter Biden gaining access to the data, citing his erratic behavior during that time and his international business ties with Ukraine and China as reasons for their apprehension.

After departing the White House in 2017, Biden decided to “amplify” his post-White House career by retaining the services of Gering’s company, Creative Artists Agency. Biden was able to acquire a book contract and speaking engagements with the assistance of the business. In addition, it assisted Biden in preparing plans for the Penn Biden Center and a think tank at the University of Delaware.

The email that Gering sent to Hunter Biden on April 25, 2016, seems to have been based on a discussion the two had regarding his intentions once he left the administration. Gering claims that during their “secret” sessions, Hunter Biden disclosed plans to establish think tanks at the University of Delaware and the Penn Biden Center.

“Wealth creation” was reportedly another focal point of Biden’s goals for when he leaves office, according to Gering.

The Big Guy had plans.