Hunter Biden “Trove” Reportedly Found

( Congress is looking into Hunter Biden’s international business transactions.
Rep. Darrell Issa said on Sunday that GOP legislators are not waiting for a special prosecutor to be appointed. They have a duplicate of the notorious laptop hard drive thought to belong to the president’s son.
On Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, Issa, the California Republican, described the laptop as a “treasure trove” and assured all that lawmakers were looking into it.
After the owner, assumed to be Biden, left it for maintenance in April 2019 and never returned, the FBI seized custody of the computer.
Leaks of the laptop’s contents have surfaced on social media, and the public has already pawed over information concerning Hunter Biden’s financial operations and personal life. A federal criminal inquiry is looking into Biden’s financial issues, including commercial links with nations like Ukraine, China, and Russia. Biden has never publicly disputed that the laptop belonged to him, but he has stated that he is “100% convinced” that he will be found not guilty.
Hundreds of House Republicans are urging the Justice Department to hire a special counsel as they prepare for a full-fledged inquiry if they win control of the chamber after this year’s midterm elections. A recent letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland has expressed concerns about a potential conflict of interest that might hinder a thorough and impartial examination of his conduct.
Issa, who chairs the Judiciary Committee’s section on intellectual property and the internet, has already sent out document preservation alerts in advance of a probe into any attempts to conceal news coverage regarding Biden’s laptop in the run-up to the 2020 election.
Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican, has worked to get the laptop’s contents into the congressional record.
According to a story this month, a federal grand jury witness was asked to identify the famed “big guy” described in negotiations about a Chinese business venture involving Biden. According to the New York Post, the question arose when this witness, who has not been identified, was presented a piece of evidence before a grand jury in Wilmington, Delaware.
The response was not reported; however, some have speculated that the “big guy” is Vice President Joe Biden, raising the possibility that the commander in chief would be implicated in a federal criminal probe. So far, the White House has insisted that President JJoe Biden is not involved and that Hunter Biden, 52, did not commit any crimes.